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Quality is Everything!

If you live in a New York apartment, you notice that the quality of your indoor air isn’t quite what it should be. Of course, having an air conditioning unit installed should is almost always necessary to cope with the rising temperatures of NYC summers, but there are two other ways in which you can make the quality of your indoor air much healthier! Take a look below:
Make Sure You Ventilate

Everyone has heard of the term ‘ventilation’, but most people don’t really understand what it means. The term simply means exchanging old air for cleaner air – something that is particularly important if you live in a New York apartment! During warmer periods, it’ a good idea to open your apartment windows to extract irritants in the air. When the weather isn’t as good, a ceiling fan can be run instead.

Controlling Emissions

A good way to improve the quality of your indoor air is to eradicate specific sources of pollution. Adjusting a gas stove, for example, is an effective way of decreasing the amount of emissions released. Other sources, such as things that contain asbestos, can be sealed to prevent harmful emissions.

If you have any concerns about the quality of your indoor air, then always consult with a professional AC contractor in New York.