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Red Flags when Considering AC Repair in New York

When it comes to our air conditioning units, no service can be too good or deliver too fast, especially when it has stopped working properly. However, this is also a great way to end up overpaying for subpar service. So if your machine is in need of professional attention now, keep an eye out for these red flags when considering AC repair in NYC.
Deals that Are too Good to Be True
In many ways, vetting your options for AC repair in Manhattan, NY is no different than doing so for other services for which you pay. One of the oldest rules in the book is that, “If seems too good to be true, it probably is.”
This is as much the case with AC repair in New York as anything. For example, it’s very common to see tune-ups for your machine advertised for something like $39. Most specialists, however, would agree that’s just not realistic. Chances are you’ll either be receiving a lousy checkup or the technician will be using it as an opportunity to sell you on further services.
Uneducated Quotes
Depending on the specific issue your air conditioning unit faces, many repair services may try quoting you a price for their work over the phone. However, if they haven’t seen your unit or home yet, this is purely speculative. Even if you described it to them, a quality service will understand you’re no expert and hold off on providing a quote until they take a look at the machine themselves.
One precaution to take in this situation is to have any potential repair service provide their quote in writing for the specific task they plan on carrying out. Should they want to do anything further, then, they must clear it with you through writing.
Lack of Reviews
In the digital age, it’s become easier than ever to find reviews of professional services before you ever consider paying for them. Just about any company who’s been in business for a year or two should have some type of review online.
So be wary of any potential provider of AC repair company in NYC that doesn’t have any reviews on the Internet. Unless they’re a brand new company, that doesn’t quite add up. Unfortunately, one possibility is that they simply changed their name recently to avoid association with unhappy customers. If this is the only red flag for a service you otherwise like, don’t be afraid to ask them for references. You can also search for reviews by looking up the owner’s name.
Technicians Who Lack Certification
There are a number of reasons to insist on only allowing certified HVAC technicians to perform repairs on your machine. The simplest is probably that your AC unit’s warranty might depend on it. However, lacking certification can also mean that your technician also lacks important areas of knowledge. This is not someone you want around such an important and expensive piece of machinery. You also have to question the professionalism of someone who can’t do something as basic as getting certified for the sake of their job.
The next time you need an AC repair in Manhattan take a second to heed the advice above. It will only take a moment, but it could save you time, money and patience.