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Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair


Fixing an air conditioner is an extremely complex job, and likely something you don’t want to take on yourself. However, the information that you give your HVAC professional is going to be the first thing they have to go with regarding whether or not your air conditioner needs to be repaired. If it does, here are some of the things you might end up telling them when you call them up on the phone. These can also be taken as signs that you should make that phone call, because these problems are likely to get worse before they get better.

Poor Air Flow

This is a very common symptom of air-conditioning problems and it can originate from many different causes. Essentially, if you hold your hand next to the vent, you’ll notice that there is very little or perhaps no airflow coming from it.
If you experience this problem, you’ll want to call right away because, first, it’s likely that the problem is simply a maintenance issue that needs to be taken care of. Second, even though your air conditioner may not be cooling the room anymore, it is most certainly pulling a lot of electricity and that means you are paying for something you’re not even getting.

Constant On and Off

One of the problems that tend to go along with this are problems with humidity. If your air-conditioning is cycling very quickly, it actually might be too big for your house or your business. This is something you’ll definitely want an HVAC professional to take a look at, as you could get by with a smaller system and you may get more efficient performance from one, as well.
If you keep hearing the unit turn on and off, even if you are getting adequate cooling out of it, be sure to call a professional.

Running, but Not Cooling

A big symptom that you have an AC problem is that your unit is running constantly but the house isn’t cooling. This could come from many different sources. You could simply have a dirty filter that needs to be replaced. You could also have developed air leaks in the duct work, which could diminish the amount of flow that the air conditioner is able to put into the rooms.
This type of a problem is something that you will definitely want an HVAC professional to take a look at for you. There are so many potential causes that running them all down and seeing which one it is can be a real challenge. If you try to fix the problem yourself, you may end of fixing problems that don’t even exist and paying money to do so. An HVAC pro will know how to target the areas most likely to need repair and, in all likelihood, will have run across the same problem many times before.

Very High Power Bills

This will particularly be a problem for people who own commercial establishments. Cooling a large area when the doors are constantly being opened and closed is inevitably going to cost. However, if those costs go way up unexpectedly, it’s very likely that there is a problem, even if the temperature remains as it should be. The unit may be working much harder than it should to cool off the room and there could be many different causes for it, but an HVAC Pro will be able to identify them.
The best time to call an air conditioner servicing company is at the first sign of trouble. They can troubleshoot, replace and repair as needed and get your unit working at its maximum efficiency.