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Spoilt for choice? How to Choose an HVAC system

When the heat waves start to ripple and the summer sun scorches in the turquoise sky, most of us in NYC and Manhattan want a cost-effective way to cool down. But when it comes to installing an air conditioning system in NYC, do you feel like you are swamped with industry jargon? Do you wish you had clear information on AC systems so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you?
Let us talk you through some of your options in English:
Ducless Air Conditioner: Sometimes referred to in New York as a ‘ductless air conditioner’, split air conditioners are simply AC systems that don’t need ducts to operate. In other words, they are much more efficient on energy and can save money on costly repairs. Split air conditioners are popular amongst New York City residents as they are incredibly easy to use. They are also highly durable and provide many advantages such as the capability of allowing users to create varying temperature zones throughout the home.
Portable Air Conditioner: As their name indicates, portable air conditioners can be easily repositioned from one place to another. Some New York residents, however, find that as well as providing a limited cooling space, these types of AC systems can be quite
noisy. They can also create window condensation due to the fact that they do not have an outdoor outlet system.
PTAC Air Conditioner: Window air conditioners are easily be placed into a window. However, they tend to cool unequally and can be quite noisy. On a few rare occasions, window air conditioners have provided an access point for thieves in New York.
Central Air Conditioner: Desired by many New York City residents, this type of AC system has the ability of cooling the entire home at once.  However, because of its distinction (coupled with the fact that it required ducts) this kind of cooling system is generally the most costly to install and maintain.