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Stay Cool…Stay Healthy!

Although having air conditioning in your New York home is arguably a fairly modern way of living, it seems like it’s actually the elderly who benefit the most from the comforting commodity. When it comes to heat stress and the health complications associated with it, it is people aged 65 and older who at are at the highest risk; and that is worrying when you consider the soaring temperatures we regularly see in New York during the summer time!
Elderly people do not adjust as well as younger people to changes in temperature; and so they are more prone to suffering heat-related health problems. On top of this, people over the age of 65 are more likely to have an existing chronic health condition that alters the body’s responses to heat.
The most concerning heat-related illness amongst the elderly is heat stroke. This occurs when the temperature of the body rapidly rises; losing its ability to perspire and cool down. If not quickly treated, heat stroke can cause disability and even death in the elderly.
Spending time in an air conditioned environment is one of the many ways of staying cool and preventing a heat-related illness; and that’s why all New York residents over the age of 65 should seriously consider getting an AC system installed in their homes. After all; what is worth investing in more than health?