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The Man behind the Marvel! Who invented air conditioning?

With modern air conditioning systems in New York being so easy to obtain, we often take for granted the convenience and comfort they bring to our home and working lives. But isn’t it hard to believe that not much more than 100 years ago New York and Manhattan residents had to withstand those bitter wintry chills and endure the excruciating summer heat? Doesn’t it make you wonder what sort of genius came up with the marvelous idea of air conditioning and how it all started?
The wondrous invention first became known to the world in 1902 when a young Willis Haviland Carrier was given the task of creating a solution for a printing company whose equipment was crashing due to the extreme New York summer heat. As a heating contractor working in Upstate New York, Carrier quickly resolved the printer’s issues by using coolants, coils and fans.
News of air conditioning quickly spread and it wasn’t long before his creation was being used in movie theaters, and the first home unit (which was about the size of an early computer) was installed in 1914. In spite of this, AC units were bulky, noisy and packed full of chemicals; and so it was yet another few decades before their usage became widespread!