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Top 3 Portable AC Hotspots

When you live in New York or Manhattan, you will know how comforting it can be to have an air conditioning unit installed in your home. But what happens when you’re on the go? When the New York summer air is thick and muggy and your clothes are sticking to your sweaty skin, there is just one thing your sweltering body cries out for – a portable air conditioning unit!
We look at the top three hotspots where a portable AC unit in New York really comes in handy!
1: The car
It’s the weekend, the sun is shining, and just like hoards of other people, you have jumped in your car to hit the beach! But before you have time to turn on the radio and sit back and enjoy the pleasant ride, you hit a traffic jam; and boy is that painful in the New York summer sizzle?! When you open the windows, the stagnant, stifling air doesn’t make an ounce of difference; and there is just one thing on your mind – you should have invested in a portable air conditioner!
2: The Office
If you work an office, it can be a miserable time in the height of summer if your workplace doesn’t have an AC system installed. If you’re overheated, you can become unproductive and lethargic, so for the sake of your pay packet and your health, it’s a good idea to invest in a portable AC unit!
3. The Theater
When you’ve paid to watch a good show, but the theater doesn’t have an air conditioning system, it can seriously ruin your night! With the unbearable New York summer heat coupled with crowds of sweltering people sitting close together, there couldn’t be a better place to put a portable air conditioning unit!