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Top 4 Coolest Places in New York

Any New Yorker will know that when the summer season hits, it hits with a bang; sending temperatures soaring through the glistening roof tops. Of course; the summer weather is lovely when you’re comfortably sat in your air-conditioned New York apartment, but what about when you leave your home to hit the buzz of the big city? Where can you go for a fun summer’s day out without losing half of your body weight in perspiration and wishing you lived in Antarctica?
1: The Bronx Zoo
Cheap, cheerful and a cool summer’s day out for all the family, this fun attraction center offers you that welcomed relief from the scorching summer sizzle. For as little as 4 dollars each, you can purchase a seat on the Wild Asia Monorail which offers a refreshing breeze whilst showcasing the zoo from an outstanding view. If that isn’t enough, you can also visit any of the indoor animal exhibitions which promise fun in cool temperatures.
2: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A popular visitation spot for sweltering New Yorkers, the Metropolitan Museum of Art brings a new level of ‘coolness’ to culture! The Egyptian wing is possibly one of the best spots to visit in the summer; offering a lounging area by a reflecting pool and plenty of air-conditioned settings.
3: Russian Turkish Baths
Most people associate this attraction spot with saunas and other sweat-inducing rooms; but the place also offers the incredibly refreshing Ice Cold Pool which is situated in the basement. Quite frankly, we can’t think of any better way to rid yourself of the exasperating New York heat.
4:Angelika Film Center
Movie theaters are known to blast their air conditioning more than anyone; but if you visit this particular theater, you are really in for a frozen treat! If sitting in the luxurious cool air isn’t enough for you, then the cafe offers delicious Sedutto ice creams for extra refreshment!