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Top Five Tips For a More Efficient Summer!

If you live in New York or Manhattan, by now you will be feeling the real sizzle of the soaring summer temperatures! And what does that mean? Running your air conditioning unit nonstop, of course! It goes without saying that air conditioning systems in NYC are used more frequently in during summertime, but that doesn’t have to mean higher energy bills. Take a look at our top tips on helping your AC system run more efficiently during the sunny season…
1: Close the curtains!
When there is no one at home and you don’t need any light in the house, it’s a good idea to keep the curtains closed. Reducing the amount of heat (sunlight) that enters your home is an easy way of reducing the amount of effort it takes your AC unit to keep the house cool.

2: Get your unit out of the sun!
It’s a good idea to plant trees or shrubs around your unit to block it from being exposed to any direct sunlight. By doing this, the AC unit will cool your home much more efficiently. Alternatively, you can position your AC unit at the north side of your house.

3: Don’t mess with the thermostat!
Make it known to everyone living in the house that they shouldn’t drop the unit temperature in the hope of cooling the house more quickly – it will not work! Air conditioners cool at the same rates regardless of their settings.

4: Prioritize your chores.
Not many people realize this, but using a dishwasher can heat up your kitchen almost as much as cooking! Indoor clothes dryers also increase room temperature; meaning your ac unit has to work harder to be as productive. When possible, try to leave these tasks until the evening when the temperatures are cooler, or set them to go when the house is empty.

5. Lose the hot air!
When you are cooking, it’s a good idea to use an exhaust fan to assist in expelling hot air from the house. If you do not have access to an exhaust fan, you can set up a floor fan in the kitchen. Fans do not only cool the air, but they can also transport the air away from the room.