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Water Palaver!

When it comes to problems with air conditioning systems in New York, water leaks are usually the most common issue. But what causes this problem and what can you do yourself to minimize damage?
AC units discharge water through a pipe from the unit to a drain. Over a period of time, the indoor unit can collect some of the dust that builds up in a room. As you would expect, as water from the unit mixes with the collected dust, it develops into a dirt-like substance. This dirt then blocks the drainage pipe while attempting to discharge water to the drain. When this happens, the water flows backwards and causes the air conditioning unit to leak.
Firstly, for safety reasons in the event of water leak, never position your AC unit above the television or any other electrical appliances! The best place for your indoor AC unit is directly above the door. This makes it easier to place a bucket to capture the dripping water before the AC contractor arrives and also makes it easier for the contractor to access the unit.
Secondly, using your vacuum cleaner, you could try sucking out the dirt from the drainage pipe. Bear in mind that this should only be attempted as a temporary measure as your fan coil will still be covered in dust, and sooner or later, your drainage pipe will become blocked again.
As you know, getting your air conditioning regularly serviced and maintained by a professional AC contractor in New York is the best way to prevent such leaks occurring. If you do encounter a leak, we advise you to call your local service repair contractor as soon as possible.