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What Are You a Fan Of?

When the New York summer temperatures are soaring and all you can think about is bathing in a tub of ice (yep, we’ve all thought about it!), all you want to do is  cool off – in any way, shape or form that is possible! But when it comes to investing in a long-term cooling solution for your home, is it more efficient to run a fan or an air conditioning system?

While a fan basically aerates the air and offers a more comfortable sensation, an AC system lowers the temperatures in indoor spaces; cooling the entire room where it is installed. Today, most modern AC systems are extremely energy efficient and all-together more effective at providing total release from the summer’s unbearable heat. Just by installing an AC system in your New York home, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars in energy bills every year; but electric fans just don’t seem to offer the same money saving benefits.

Of course, when it is 100 degrees in the middle of the summer and all you want is a good night’s sleep, putting a  tower fan in front of your bed can provide even more refreshing coolness. It goes without saying however, that this isn’t the most cost-efficient way of doing things, and while you may be willing to sacrifice lower bills from time to time, it is much kinder to your wallet to invest in a modern, energy efficient AC system.

Nowadays, engineers are constantly upgrading the efficiency of room air conditioners; focusing on saving you money as well as keeping you cool. So, whereas an electric fan may initially seem more attractively priced, it is certainly worth investing in an AC system for long-term savings.