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What is a Hard Start Capacitor?

With the hot New York City weather, I am sure most of you had your air conditioning company come by to either repair or maintain your equipment. A popular part that your air conditioning unit needs is what we call a hard start capacitor. I bet most of you folks reading your paperwork from your air conditioning companies all have the same question…..

What is a hard start capacitor?

A hard start capacitor, also known as a hard start kit is a kit that is designed to actually give your unit a jump start. In a lot of cases when your condensing unit is located far away from the air handler, the compressor needs an extra boost to get it going. The further away the condensing unit is, the harder the unit has to work. Units tend to breakdown when they are over worked. When the unit first turns on is when it needs the most strength, and that is when the awesome hard start kit comes into play. This small part can help save thousands of dollars in the future preventing your compressor from failing.

Ever have your lights dim when your AC unit turns on?

I bet you are smiling right now because you are one of those people who suffer from the dim lights when your unit turns on…. Well the reason why your lights are dimming is because of how hard your unit has to work when it starts. The hard start kit, now helps your unit turn on eliminating the light dimming 🙂