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What Kind of Filter Should I Use?

You may be confused about what filters are best to buy for your HVAC unit. Just like with most things, the cheaper the cost of your filter, the less efficiently it’s going to work. Don’t break the bank, but you’ll definitely want to avoid cheap panel filters, which can cause problems with your air conditioner over time.

Using A Cheaper, Inefficient Filter

Right away you see the word “inefficient” and know that this is not the route you want to go. If you were to buy a cheaper, inefficient filter, the dust that isn’t collected by your filter gets redistributed back into your home — which can make allergies and ashthma worse. It can also accumulate on the fan, blower motor and evaporator coil of your AC, causing it to run slower and use more energy, costing you money on energy bills and repair costs when it eventually breaks down.

Using An Efficient Filter

Just like when buying a new car or a highchair for your baby, be sure to always check out the rating of the filter. Filters with high efficiency ratings or high MERV ratings will remove more household allergens from the air, giving you cleaner air and reducing allergic reactions. The may be a few dollars more, but they’ll do a much better job of keep your air clean for you and your family. A couple good brands to look out for are Flanders & American Air Filters.