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Who Listens to The Old Wives?

The top 5 myths that could be costing you money!
Let’s be honest, we are all looking for ways to save money and cut down on those exasperating utility bills! But when it comes to heating and cooling, do you really know what tricks are tremendous and which ones are plain old pointless?  Have you been wasting your time (and money) on following the myths of the old wives’ tales?
Let’s set the record (and your bank-balance) straight once and for all…
Old Wives Tale # 1: It is cheaper to close off registers and vents. 
This is a complete myth and is absolutely untrue! If you have installed a modern heating system in NYC, the pressure load will be balanced throughout your home. In fact, closing off the vent can have an effect on how the system works and can even cause it to break down!
Old Wives Tale # 2: A ceiling fan will keep a room cool… even when you’re not at home.
False! This may come as a surprise to many people, but the truth is that fans cool your skin, not the air. In other words, if a fan remains on in an empty room, then its benefits are wasted – as well as electricity!
Old Wives Tale # 3: The higher your thermostat is set, the faster your home will heat.
Another fabrication! No matter how high your thermostat is set, your furnace will give out the same heat at the same rate. Even if you set it at your required temperature, it will still reach the desired point as quickly as it would if it was set higher! And guess what? The same happens with your air conditioning! Setting your air conditioning at sky-scraping levels will not make it reach a cooler temperature any faster. In fact, it will just make your system work more vigorously.
Old Wives Tale # 4:  There’s no need to worry about a dripping faucet.
Start worrying! If you place a bucket or a container underneath the drip, you will soon start to realize just how much those teeny trickles amount to! You will probably be shocked to discover that just one dripping faucet can total more than 300 gallons of monthly water! Now are you worrying about your water bill?
Old Wives Tale # 5: The initial cost of a home can be increased by energy efficiency
Mostly false. Research has proven that there is very little relation between home prices and energy efficiency. In fact, energy efficiency can even lower the initial purchase price when small, highly-efficient systems are installed. This is great news, as small units can provide as many benefits as larger ones.