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Commercial Heating Service in NYC – Tips on Upgrading to a New Unit

Whether you’ve just bought a new commercial heating system, or a new all-in-one HVAC system, keeping your new investment in tip-top-shape is highly critical for any business. In today’s economic climate, there are not too many businesses can afford to have commercial heating service in NYC frequently. And with the cost of these units often skyrocketing, many business owners search for affordable ways to upgrade to a more efficient system – without breaking the budget.

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New HVAC Systems Do More than Cool


If you own a commercial space, you may have been through the headache of an AC breakdown already. They too often come on fast, with the air failing just when you need it most, and result in expensive repair bills. You can vastly lessen the chances of this happening if you upgrade your system to a more modern one. The benefits are myriad, and some of them directly impact what you can expect if your HVAC system is having problems. The big difference is that you might not even have to wait for those problems to manifest before you figure out that something is wrong. Read more


The 4 Best Home Tech Advances of 2012

2012 has been a big year for HVAC, especially when it comes to advances in HVAC technology. Here is a list of the four best home tech advances in 2012 that will revolutionize the comfort and enjoyment of your home.

Whether you want to maintain your air conditioners in NYC with solar power or invest in a passive dehumidification system.

1. Solar-Powered HVAC

The solar power revolution has reached the AC system and homeowners couldn’t be more excited. How it works is that your new system will be powered by a PV unit that is made up of Photovoltaic cells and a network of batteries. As the cells collect direct sunlight they store the energy into the battery system which in turn will power the AC unit.

When sunlight is not available for power, the HVAC NYC system is powered by the normal power grid. Energy savings add up as net metering occurs, causing your power meter to spin slower or even backwards!

2. Heat Recovery Systems

AC systems work by removing heat form the incoming air by way of evaporator coils. The coils are filled with super-cooled refrigerants and as the air passes over these coils condensation develops from the temperature difference. The condensation is drained out of the system, making the air that moves through drier and cooler. The refrigerant warms in the process and is sent to a condenser coil where it is cooled again for use.

A heat recovery system uses the warmed refrigerant to heat water for use in the home. This allows for great savings on your energy bill by allowing your HVAC system to provide energy and hot water offsetting energy usage.

3. Passive Dehumidification

This tech is already in use in office buildings and is quickly making its way onto the home market. The tech is straightforward: a three evaporator coil system. The first coil contains cooled refrigerant.

Air is pulled over the first coil with condensation drained outside. The second coil is super-cooled pulling out any remaining condensation creating dry air that is too cold for home use. The last set of coils filled with warm refrigerant heats the cooled air to thermostat levels. This always for energy savings as the thermostat can be set higher.

4. DeVAP

DeVAP is the short name for Desiccant Enhanced Evaporative Air Conditioning and it’s the cutting edge of moisture removal. DeVAP is a system of membranes that contain a a liquid desiccant, similar to the small packets that keep shoes dry. DeVAP systems use the desiccant membranes to pull moisture from the air before sending it over the evaporator coils in your HVAC system. The resulting condensation over the super-cooled coils removes the last of the moisture from the circulating air. The dry air feels cooler allowing the thermostat to be set higher creating significant energy savings.

There you have it, the latest and greatest home tech advances of the year. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the up and coming technologies that will make your home more energy efficient and fun.


Cheap vs Expensive, Does it pay to spend more?

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “You get what you pay for”? That doesn’t just apply to throwing the waiter a few bucks before he serves you or spending extra for a reliable car. This holds true to for your air conditioner, too. Below are a few tips to show you that cutting corners will most likely result in you not saving money.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating is constantly researching the newest technologies to share with our customers – especially when they help to save energy and money. This awesome new product is not only practical, but it’s smart.

Tony Fadell, the leader of the team that created the iPod and iPhone, has done it again. He and his Nest team have invented a thermostat that actually has the capability of learning from you. Read more


How to prevent a water leak?

Ever wonder how to prevent your air conditioner from leaking water?

Water leaking from your air conditioning unit is one of the biggest issues that people have…. today alone with the weather being around 80 degrees we received close to 20 calls that all had to do with water leaking. After reading my posts I am sure most of you know Read more


What is a Hard Start Capacitor?

With the hot New York City weather, I am sure most of you had your air conditioning company come by to either repair or maintain your equipment. A popular part that your air conditioning unit needs is what we call a hard start capacitor. I bet most of you folks reading your paperwork from your air conditioning companies all have the same question…..

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