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Is Changing a Commercial HVAC Filter Important?
When the air quality is low, people tend to stay indoors. What many of them may not be aware of is that the air quality…
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The Basics of HVAC: How These Advanced Systems Improve Interior Environments
  Before 1902, there was no such thing as an air conditioner. The first such devices were invented by a man named Willis Haviland Carrier.…
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How HVAC Systems Are Better than Ever
  If you have a modern HVAC system in your business or home, it’s a far more efficient one than the one that you likely…
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New HVAC Systems Do More than Cool
  If you own a commercial space, you may have been through the headache of an AC breakdown already. They too often come on fast,…
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Nest Learning Thermostat
Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating is constantly researching the newest technologies to share with our customers – especially when they help to save energy and…
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