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Filter Change Reminders
1. Built-In Filter Change Indicator You may have a thermostat that has an indicator to remind you to change your air conditioner filter at predetermined times. Some…
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How Often Should I Change My Filter?
You always hear about the importance of changing your filter, but are you wondering just how often this has to be done? Well wonder no…
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What Kind of Filter Should I Use?
You may be confused about what filters are best to buy for your HVAC unit. Just like with most things, the cheaper the cost of…
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So You’ve Decided To Go Green – Now What?
So, after hearing us preach about the benefits of going green with your air conditioning, you’ve decided that you want to help the environment –…
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Go Green With Your Air Conditioning
We can all attest to the fact that global warming is a scary concept to think about. That’s why it’s important that we all do…
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5 Ways To Save Money This Summer
If you’re anything like us, you’re thinking, How are we in March already?  Since New Year’s felt like yesterday, summer’s going to be here tomorrow!…
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