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Commercial Heating Service in NYC – Tips on Upgrading to a New Unit
Whether you've just bought a new commercial heating system, or a new all-in-one HVAC system, keeping your new investment in tip-top-shape is highly critical for…
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New HVAC Systems Do More than Cool
  If you own a commercial space, you may have been through the headache of an AC breakdown already. They too often come on fast,…
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The 4 Best Home Tech Advances of 2012
2012 has been a big year for HVAC, especially when it comes to advances in HVAC technology. Here is a list of the four best…
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Cheap vs Expensive, Does it pay to spend more?
I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “You get what you pay for”? That doesn’t just apply to throwing the waiter a few bucks before he…
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Nest Learning Thermostat
Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating is constantly researching the newest technologies to share with our customers – especially when they help to save energy and…
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How to prevent a water leak?
Ever wonder how to prevent your air conditioner from leaking water? Water leaking from your air conditioning unit is one of the biggest issues that…
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What is a Hard Start Capacitor?
With the hot New York City weather, I am sure most of you had your air conditioning company come by to either repair or maintain…
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