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Water Palaver!
When it comes to problems with air conditioning systems in New York, water leaks are usually the most common issue. But what causes this problem…
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Giving Everyone A Fair Chance!
In New York and the USA, there are many aspects that influence where air conditioning units appear - climate, ownership influence and structural characteristics are…
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Confused by industry jargon? It’s easy when you stay ahead of the game!
When you are dealing with heating and cooling systems in NYC and Manhattan, it helps if you understand some of the industry’s jargon. Whether you…
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Can you figure it out?
Living in New York in summertime, your air conditioning unit can make a massive difference to your overall comfort. Of course, getting your AC system…
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Filtering Your Options
As a resident of New York or Manhattan, you have probably heard of the importance of filters for your AC system. As you are probably…
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Are You Eligible?
Last month, The State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance made it known that as part of their Cooling Assistance Program, they are making a…
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Best Avoid These Blunders!
You’ve made a smart investment in your fantastic new air conditioning system, your once ‘volcanic’ home is now as cool as a refreshing evening breeze…
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Our Cool Ancestors!
As New York and Manhattan’s modern residents, there are always simple ways to cool-off when those summer heat waves seem to get unbearable. From home…
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The Man behind the Marvel! Who invented air conditioning?
With modern air conditioning systems in New York being so easy to obtain, we often take for granted the convenience and comfort they bring to…
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